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Roseglen Black Label (GRP x ARP)
Height 136cm
Part Welsh Registration; ACE Registration (pending)

Available by Frozen AI only.

Frozen $900 per 3 straw dose (transport to be arranged/paid by buyer)


Loriet Empyrean

Cremello pony stallion 14:1hh Welsh x ASH
Part Welsh Registration

Loriet Empyrean is in regular dressage training at home and is proving to have a kind, willing and to have an extremely trainable nature. Loriet Empyrean aka “Sunny”has the added bonus of producing colour for his progeny.
Southern Empyress (pic and currently for sale), Sunny’s buckskin filly from a smaller warmblood mare is an example of the quality and colour this little stallion produces.

Available by AI only (details to be updated soon)