Rider Coaching & Eque-Fitt Aust

Fully qualified Fitness Coach specialising in Rider Bio mechanics. 
Tanase is an FEI dressage rider who has been riding for 28 years. As a young rider, she was selected to Australian and NSW Young Rider Dressage squads on a number of occasions. From 19 years of age she spent extended periods of time in both Germany and Holland for dressage training. Tanase’s trainers in Australia have been Harry Boldt, Rozzie Ryan and Clemens Dierks. Trainers in Europe were Rick Klaasen, Marion Wilimzig (George Theodorescu), Matthias Vatter. (Klaus Balkenhol) and Coby Van Baalen

During her European visits Tanase became well aware that many of the top riders also travelled to Fitness Coaches to assist in strengthening their riding weaknesses and improve their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Consequently, when she returned to Australia she decided to undertake the relevant qualifications to assist riders obtain their optimum riding skill and achieve their goals.

Tanase riding Di Burns, Mystic Recherche (S: Rotspon) at Sydney International Equestrian Centre

Tanase has also worked in one of the larger Newcastle gyms as a Fitness Trainer assisting people from varied backgrounds to improve their health and regain their fitness. During her time at this gym many of her clients presented with injuries or relevant health issues.


Tanase’s Qualifications

  • Certificate III Fitness,
  • Certificate IV Fitness
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
  • Colleen Kelly’s Rider Biomechanics Level 1
  • Certificate III Equestrian Sports Coaching
  • Currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

“It still amazes me how the simplest of postural faults (usually not detected by the rider or instructor) can effect everything! Including the horses muscle development, horses bone structure, rider’s effectiveness and quality of training.”

Do you wish to improve your riding strength and fitness, improve your dressage training and establish good basics regardless of your riding ability? Or you may simply wish to improve your fitness?

What Tanase offers:

  • Dressage lessons focusing on horse and rider training
  • Confidence boosting by empowering the rider and the horse
  • Bio mechanics riding lessons focusing on riders position and effectiveness of their body (may include postural assessments on and off the horse)
  • Riding specific fitness training (conducted on and/or off your horse)

Instruction can be undertaken at the SSD facility, located 30 mins from Heath and Rozzie Ryan’s Equestrian Centre, where there is a well constructed round yard and an Olympic size dressage arena.  Tanase is willing to travel for clinic situations and also offers regular clinic days at the RDA indoor located near Raymond Terrace NSW.

If you wish to arrange, or attend, a clinic please contact Tanase for details.

EqueFitt Australia

phone: 0428 973543

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