Stablehand Needed – Casual Role

We are a small team of three and currently caring for up to 20 horses.

We are now looking for an additional helper for 2 – 3 mornings per week. The work entails cleaning of 6 yards and 4 stables, feeding, watering and other basic stable/yard duties. It is physically demanding work where a “good enough” attitude is simply not enough.

You will require:

1 good basic horse knowledge and experience
2 excellent attention to detail skills
3 a fit and healthy body
4 a “can do” attitude
5 a realistic understanding of what the work entails
6 good solid common sense
7 a pleasant, polite disposition
8 an awareness and commitment to safety around horses

Wage is above award.

Please submit your resume to if you are interested and think you might be a suitable candidate.