Eques-Fitt Australia clinic and Central Coast Competition

What a busy weekend!
Saturday: held a mini Eque-Fitt Aust clinic at our local RDA arena and had a photo session happening at the same time. Saturday evening was preparation time for Southern Gem and Mystic Keisha for Sunday Dressage comp on the central coast.

Southern Gem managed a blue ribbon in his first ever official Medium start today …good boy. However, we had a slight discussion during the second test that did not bode well for a good score. Mystic Keisha’s tests … One was very sweet, the other not so much….. however her scores were quite pleasing – Novice level tests 2nd place 73.35%!!! and 5th 66.89%

Both horses achieved qualifying scores for the larger competitions later in the year. Not bad for the first official comp following the rider’s Baby Break 🙂